My Son Loves the Solar System

Everyone who lives in the digital age knows what YouTube is, but did you know that it could teach your toddler more than any work you could put in with them.  I always said that I would not be the type of parent that would allow my son to be glued to some kind of screen for hours on end.  That was until I realized that my boy knows more about the solar system than I ever learned about in school.

The first line of the song goes, “There are 8 planets in the solar system, they revolve around the sun.  Join us to learn about the planets, sing along and have some fun.”  First of all, last time I learned about our solar system, there were 9 planets – not anymore.  Don’t worry, Pluto didn’t go rogue and isn’t heading towards us to collide and cause world ending catastrophe.  Pluto, apparently was downgraded to a dwarf planet once another dwarf planet was discovered some years back that turned out to be bigger than Pluto.  I only know about this because my son educated me on this, yes my 3 year old.

In addition to learning about the solar system, Mason has also learned about the body, its functions, different emotions, and our 5 senses to name a few.  Yes, he is enrolled in a school that has kept him advanced since 18 months and taught him how to learn but, I feel like with his favorite YouTube channels on demand, the sky is the limit.

If you’re interested in having your child learn from some of these videos, you can search for them with the keywords: kids planet song, storybots, kids emotions, abc song, and numbers song.

I personally couple this learning with reading to him educational books about these topics.  Kids respond well to musical learning as well as parental interaction.  By no means should these screens take over the duties of parenting but rather be combined to the best possible, educational, outcome.


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