Let’s see how this goes…

I’m starting this blog to build up my writing skills and maybe inform some people at the same time.  We are living in a world that is ever changing, and evolving, in a way that not everyone can agree on. Is it moving in the right direction, wrong direction?  Are we in a stalemate? Trump, isolationism, globalism, trade, peace, human rights, economy, and  the list goes on.

Even though politics is a big interest of mine.  I will be writing about other topics as well. I am a NYC 911 EMT by trade at the moment and everyday I see and hear about interesting things that no normal person would be exposed to or be able to handle on a daily basis.  While some interactions are inspiring, many are flat out sad.  Sad situations that people are in.  Some by their own doing and others by simply being born into it.  Much that happens in our lives are cyclical.  I find that one of the hardest tasks in life is to break the cycles we live by.   I believe this can only be done by someone who enters your life with a new perspective on life, that you can trust.

I will touch on parenting.  By far the most nerve-racking I can think of.  Not a minute goes by on a daily basis that my 3 year old son is on my mind.  I’m sure there will be many adventures I’ll be able to write about that other parents will be able to relate to.  He’s a natural born Tasmanian Devil crossed with a kangaroo crossed with a heat seeking missile.  Yeah, he’s all over the place.

With that said, hopefully, this blog will be a good read for everyone who stumbles upon it.  Please send me topics you would like me to research and write about, and I will do my best to get it done.

Happy thoughts and positive energy towards all.


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